UK Cookie Consent

What does it do?

The UK Cookie Consent plug-in is a simple WordPress plug-in to help compliance with the UK interpretation of the EU regulations regarding usage of website cookies. A user to your site is presented with a clear yet unobtrusive notification that the site is using cookies and may then acknowledge and dismiss the notification or click to find out more. The plug-in automatically creates a new page with pre-populated information on cookies and how to disable them, which you may further edit if you wish.

Importantly, the plug-in does not disable cookies on your site or prevent the user from continuing to browse the site – it comes with standard wording on what cookies are and advice on how to disable them in the browser. The plug-in follows the notion of “implied consent” as described by the UK’s Information Commissioner and makes the assumption that most users who choose not to accept cookies will do so for all websites.

Unobtrusive yet clear

The plug-in places an unobtrusive notification at the top of the page. The user can acknowledge and dismiss the notification by clicking the green button – this is consent for the use of cookies. Alternatively, the user can click the link for more information to be directed to a pre-populated page describing what cookies are and how to disable them.

Please note that you should consult a legal expert if you are in any doubt about your requirements under this legislation. We offer this plug-in as a possible solution – it is up to you to ensure that it is suitable for your needs.

Simple yet configurable

You can set the notification and button text using the straightforward settings page. For any further configuration, get in touch.

Download this plug-in

You can download and install the Cookie Consent plug-in from the WordPress repository.